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{ Ridho & Memoy } = Expecting Baby Adena

Published October 3, 2013 in Family Portrait, Maternity Portrait

We met Iman and Memoy just yesterday and we fell in love with this couple already. The session was quiet an adventurous hunt, from looking for the nice spot for the shot, calming down #Kk Raka when posing, and chilling under a not so co-perative weather :p However, we managed to get some bright smiles and snaps with cute pose of this little family. Yeay, #Kk Raka is going to be a bro for #Adena sooon!

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{ Rocky & Liya } “Cinta Lokasi”

Published October 3, 2013 in Prewedding, Wedding

At the first time Liya contacted me through BBM, I was like.. “Why this girl has so many requests and questions?” Turned out, after the briefing session and agreed shooting date, my earlier opinion about her changed 180 degrees. She is cute, sweet, and pretty, and very nice too in person! She kept calling me “kakak”.. like a little girl calling her elder sister, hahaha ) After getting to know her better, I found out that her ‘demanding’ nature coming from her daily work as owner of a fabrics retail brand in Tanah Abang, wow wow, saluuuute! “CinLok or Cinta [...]

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{ Sangga & Fanny } = Long Distance Love, Close at Hearts

Published October 3, 2013 in Prewedding

Fanny used to be one of the prettiest girls in SMUNDA Balige. Post college, she’s been living in Jakarta so i had not been in touch with her for quite some time. Till recently i moved back to Jakarta and…we met again, and shared some stories about life and… love ♥ , not to forget her recent love life..with a man that she wishes to be her last and forever… Sangga. Well, my prayer will always go to you both, Fanny & Sangga, i wish you an eternal love ♥

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Prewedding : Sabam & Gina

Published September 19, 2013 in Prewedding, Wedding

When i first met this couple at a coffee shop in Jakarta, i felt a warmth of conversation during the time we discussed the theme for their prewedding, location, etc. Both Gina & Sabam were very excited for the day and the same spirit firing throughout the photo session, something that i truly appreciate as their creative partner. Gina is 9 years younger from Sabam but I believe that the age difference will only spice up their love even more Happy tying the knot, great couple! ***

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{ Febry & Yunia } “Romantic But Syar’i”

Published June 24, 2013 in Prewedding, Wedding

Yunia was one of my housemates when I lived in Bandung back from 2004 – 2009. Both of us stayed at the same rented house for college students, with more than 30 rooms at that time. I didnt stay long as the house keeper was too mad, she (the house keeper) would lock the entrance gate early thus i would have to call everyone in the house (wherein she’d come out angrily, LOL)! Anyway, Yunia Fitria Sari and I didnt have many stories shared together as friends, but I do hope that her journey of new life together with R Febry Rizqiardihatno will forever [...]

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{ Agus & Debby } Expecting Baby Nolan

Published May 3, 2013 in Family Portrait, Maternity Portrait

Debbie was one of our bestfriends from High School back in Balige, North Sumatra. She was one of the cutest girls at our school! After school graduation, we’ve never really met each other during college time. It’s been almost 10 years that we have not seen her even after college graduation as we worked faraway in Singapore till recently we moved back to Jakarta and started to get connected again.. Haven’t met for such ages, we planned for “KopDar” in Bandung, a city where she and her husband live, where we finally get one of our plans done : getting [...]

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{ Adrie & Sylvana } “From This Moment”

Published February 4, 2013 in Prewedding, Wedding

Although it was a very short shooting ( less than 2 hrs – was raining hard outside so we couldnt get outdoor shot), I really like the spirit and energy from this couple. They’ve been my favorite couple best friend and they’ll always be. Thank you Sylvana and Adrie

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{ Mark & Dotz } Tying The Knot

Published January 15, 2013 in Wedding

We flew to Philippines to celebrate one of our bestfriends’s wedding : ofcourse as guest. Didnt bring full gear to shoot as we intended to attend the wedding only. But it turned out that the wedding was so beautiful and blissful, it was one of the best wedding we’ve ever attended and (could not resist) shooted. So here we say a hearty congratulation for Mark and Dotz, we wish you the best of married life forever! Not to forget to say that you two are one of the best couples we have ever seen, may God grant you a happy [...]

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